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Package Printing Security | Brand Protection Solutions

How important is your brand integrity? If you are like most companies, it is everything.

At Gottscho, we can provide the printing technologies to support both overt and covert anti-counterfeiting symbologies to authenticate your products. It can be called Track & Trace, E-Pedigree, or a host of other names - in the end it is all about protecting your end customers.

Our experienced staff of engineers have worked with numerous clients implementing security features to protect their end customers. Our services include:
  • Consultation to determine the appropriate anti-counterfeiting symbology (i.e. 2-D matrix, RSS, 1-D, etc.) and the ability of your downstream trading partners to read them
  • Printing and reading solutions for nearly every packaging configuration
  • Print samples and cost justification analysis
  • Use of various security inks including UV and IR
  • Non-disruptive implementation
  • Integrating into new or existing hardware or IT infrastructures
Do you have a need but aren't sure where to start? We would be happy to discuss your requirements and to see if we could help.