Darka Marka (Carton Coder Pre-Inked Rolls)

Pre-inked rollers for porous surfaces, provide up to 80,000 square inches of sharp, coding impressions before replacement is needed. Each roller performs uniformly because exact fill is certain by weight. This lets you schedule ink roller replacement precisely to avoid emergency downtime. With the exclusive Darka Marka, there is no messy ink handling... no drip ... no splatter ... When the roller is spent, simply replace it... For a fast, clean, efficient operation.

Gottscho offers various rolls and both solvent and water-based inks depending upon your application. A list of our standard ink rolls is provided for your reference below, although additional rolls are available based upon your requirements. Ink selection is dependent on surface coating and drying time available so please give us a call so that we can help you determine the best roll for your application.

Cloth Covered Fiber Material
Considered the industry standard, this roller contains a wood fiber material medium for holding the ink covered with a cloth covering. The advantage is that it does not swell when saturated with a fast dry (solvent based) ink and can be used with both water and solvent based inks. A disadvantage is that the roller will become indented from repeated contact with the type.

High Density Foam
The face of the roller will not become indented from contact with the type, and the structure of the foam enables almost all of the ink to be released from the roller. Can be used with both water and solvent based inks.

Neoprene Foam (Firm)
Provides a very firm inking face that can be used for many different styles of ink rollers. Firm neoprene foam releases a greater amount of ink per print and may not be suitable for small or fine printing. Can be used with water, oil, or solvent based inks.

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