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Packing Printing Solutions Since 1904

It all started when Ira Gottscho was reading the newspaper and saw that the Wright brothers had just taken their historic flight at Kitty Hawk. You see, Ira had a problem. His job was to grade and mark eggs prior to shipping to customers. He did it with a hand stamp and it was tiring, tedious work. So, he thought to himself, 'if the Wright brothers can fly, then I can definitely automate in-line printing.' It took awhile, but that is exactly what he (technically his son Ira) did establishing the first in-line printing and coding system in the United States.

Once people saw the efficiency that was gained by his in-line printer, they asked for help in their own packaging plants. As a result, we developed and installed printers for every kind of package imaginable and not just domestically either. From eggs to paint cans, cigarette packs to cases of soda, cellophane wrap to blister packs, even artillery shells for the army, we printed on everything. And through this humble beginning, Gottscho Printing System was born. Today we are able to call many of the largest companies in the world our customers, as well as many other not so well known companies that are just as important to global commerce.

In order to accommodate our customer's various printing needs, we offer a complete line of printers & coders to support virtually any packaging configuration. From flexographic and UV, ink coders and digital, to hot stamp and thermal, our versatile line of equipment and supplies will provide you with the right solution for your requirements. Our printers can provide standard lot, expiration and graphics requirements to EAN, UCC, RSS, Data Matrix and Composite barcodes. We support the pharmaceutical, medical, nutraceutical, food, beverage, consumer goods and specialty packaging industries and have over 7,000 installations worldwide to validate our product line.

In the end, we know what you are looking for: proven, reliable printers offering cost-effective solutions to your unique requirements backed by a technical staff that can support you going forward; and that is just what we have built here at Gottscho for the last 100+ years. From the simplistic printers designed for longevity and unparalleled up-time, to the intimate customer service that we provide, we built our company around the premise of SIMPLIFYING PACKAGE PRINTING so that you can focus on your business and be rest assured that we have your printing needs covered.

We thought you might enjoy the slide show of some of our applications over the years. With any luck, you might even see some of your products. Enjoy.